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SEMPIMIMI.COM brings to you a range of eclectic and glamorous jewellery designs, guaranteed to bring lots of sparkle, bags of fun and plenty of Pizzazz!!!

Here at Sempimimi we believe in the power of glamour! Glamour should not be saved for special occasions. Glamour should be for every day. Glamour makes us smile.

Whilst how you look is not everything – we absolutely appreciate that the woman inside is more valuable than her appearance – HOW YOU LOOK often defines HOW YOU FEEL.

Looking good (in whatever guise that is to you) helps you feel good which in turn helps you walk the walk and talk the talk. Feeling good can help you to pluck up the courage to talk to that guy (or gal), or command the attention of every single person in that Board Room,

or face that one thing you’ve been putting off forever, or simply feel happy and content. And sometimes we want to wear really fabulous jewellery for no other reason than because it’s just so pretty!! Whatever your reason, Sempimimi has the answer.

Stephanie Holding, Founder

Sempimimi was founded in 2017 by Stephanie Holding, a former Fashion Editor and Stylist to some of the glossiest publications in London, Dubai and Hong Kong. Combining her knowledge and love of fashion, her creativity and her desire for good quality, stand-out, reasonably priced jewellery for every day wear, Sempimimi was born. Stephanie draws inspiration from all around her. She is inspired by her travels, her interest in the history of fashion, and her love of architecture and art.

Teaming up with craftsmen in India to produce lovingly hand-made pieces, using semi-precious stones, Stephanie’s aim is to bring a touch of glamour to all women, at purse-friendly prices. Stephanie is currently based in Hong Kong with her husband and three young sons. Stephanie hails from London, whilst her maternal family originates from India. This mash-up of cultures is echoed in the eclectic mix of jewellery you’ll find here at Sempimimi!

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