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SEMPIMIMI.COM brings to you a range of eclectic and glamorous jewellery designs, guaranteed to bring lots of sparkle, bags of fun and plenty of Pizzazz!!!

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say & not giving a damn! - Orson Welles

Hi! I am Stephanie, the Founder of SEMPIMIMI.com...in fact, I am Sempimimi! Sempimimi was a pet name my mum had for me when I was growing up. Hearing that word makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside so what better name to call my business?! I am mum to THREE very active little boys who certainly keep me on my toes. Before motherhood took over, I worked in the fashion industry as a fashion writer and stylist for various International magazines and newspapers in London, Dubai and Hong Kong. Needless to say, the glamour factor has dropped considerably since those days. After trying hard to chase the boys around playgrounds in heels (and failing), after numerous trips to the dry cleaners with paint-stained silk, and after being told I had snot on my cardigan at a fancy dinner (the horror!!)...I realised I needed to make a change. My clothes became simpler, my heels flatter and my jewellery BIGGER!!

I found that wearing statement jewellery with any and every outfit made me feel less "snot-covered mum" and more "glam, polished mum". And that is how SEMPIMIMI was born. SEMPIMIMI.com is an insight in to my design aesthetic, with most pieces designed solely by me. My aim is to ramp up the glamour factor at prices that won't make you feel guilty. It's not just for mums of course...its for ALL women. Why not wear mega statement earrings to the supermarket or a super shiny necklace to a board meeting?! Here at SEMPIMIMI.com we make our own rules...and pretty much anything goes! I'll be using this blog to share our latest products with you, capture our customers in all their SEMPIMIMI glory and comment on all things bling! Please have a look at our website and feel free to contact us through the Live Chat option or email us at info@sempimimi.com if you have any questions. HAPPY SHOPPING!


Stephanie Holding-Shah

Founder & Chief Designer

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