SEMPIMIMI jewellery is designed to be worn with everything - don't be afraid to wear any of our pieces with you casual jeans on the school run!!

However, to keep your Sempimimi piece looking as good as new, we recommend you store your jewellery separately and flat in the box provided. This will help protect your purchase from scratching, damage and the general elements of daily exposure.

Showering and swimming with Sempimimi jewellery is not advised. 

Please put your jewellery on after applying cosmetics, perfume, hairspray and other chemical substances that can be corrosive.

Each piece of jewellery is lovingly made by hand. Whilst all efforts have been made to make them strong and sturdy, they should be treated with care and love in return. 

The semi-precious stones used in our designs are all cut by hand and therefore vary from piece to piece. We at Sempimimi find beauty in the uniqueness of each piece. Please be aware that the piece you receive may vary from the ones shown on but we can guarantee that each piece is equally as beautiful as the next.

Most importantly, ENJOY wearing your Sempimimi!

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